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Optimize Ruckus Configuration

October 10, 2014 0 Comments ruckus, wifi

I came across a good support forum post (link below) that goes over some CLI configuration changes to optimize your Ruckus setup.  Personally, I enabled ofdm-only and changed the bss-minrate and have seen better roaming behavior:

  1. SSH into your ZoneDirector
  2. Verify your current WLAN settings with show wlan name "wlan name"
  3. Enter enable mode with enable
  4. Enter config

Ruckus DHCP Filtering/Manipulation

September 22, 2014 0 Comments ruckus

By default, when a client connects to a Ruckus AP and sends a DHCP request, the DHCP request is converted to unicast, and once an IP addresses has been provided to the client, additional DHCP requests from the same client seem to be ignored.  This normally works great, and significantly reduces broadcast traffic on your wireless network.  The only time