Optimize Ruckus Configuration

I came across a good support forum post (link below) that goes over some CLI configuration changes to optimize your Ruckus setup.  Personally, I enabled ofdm-only and changed the bss-minrate and have seen better roaming behavior:

  1. SSH into your ZoneDirector
  2. Verify your current WLAN settings with show wlan name "wlan name"
  3. Enter enable mode with enable
  4. Enter config mode with config
  5. Enter WLAN configuration wtih wlan "wlan name"
  6. Disable legacy 11b clients with ofdm-only
  7. Change the bss-minrate with bss-minrate 12.0
  8. Then exit and the changes are saved

If you have dense enough AP coverage, you can use bss-minrate 24.0


Update: With the release of ZoneDirector 10.0 software, these settings are now configurable from the GUI under the Advanced WLAN settings.