My name is Daniel Kuchenski. You'll find me currently working in an enterprise environment, leading a team that designs and configures systems dealing with user access all the way up and back down the stack to datacenter server access - i.e. switching, routing, firewalls, vpns, voip, virtualization, security and servers across on-prem and cloud infrastructure.

My specialty is networking, but I get my hands dirty in systems work as well, with my systems experience ranging from the traditional "Windows only" environment to the open-source friendly "Linux everywhere" environment. My network background is multi-vendor, as I focus on which vendor provides the best solution, no matter the badge on the box.

I find blogging a great way to remember and understand a subject, so I created thenetworkstack.com to serve two purposes:

  1. Function as my personal "notebook", with information I want to reference later
  2. Provide solutions to problems I've faced, so you aren't faced with this terrible problem:


Some posts are simply links to other blogs, while other posts will go in depth on a particular subject. Hope you enjoy!

Daniel Kuchenski