Ruckus DHCP Filtering/Manipulation

By default, when a client connects to a Ruckus AP and sends a DHCP request, the DHCP request is converted to unicast, and once an IP addresses has been provided to the client, additional DHCP requests from the same client seem to be ignored.  This normally works great, and significantly reduces broadcast traffic on your wireless network.  The only time this has proved to be an issue is if you have multiple virtual machines running on your laptop whose network adapters are bridged to your wireless nic.  Your laptop will get an IP address successfully, but your VM's will not.

To solve this, you can either assign static IP's to your virtual machines, or disable the Ruckus "Directed DHCP" feature on the AP.

To disable it per AP, SSH into the AP, and run this command:

set qos directedDHCP disable

Use the get qos command to verify the command applied successfully.  If you want to apply this to all AP's in your environment, SSH into the Zone Director and run:

remote_ap_cli -A set qos directedDHCP disable