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vCenter No Longer Reachable

June 03, 2016 0 Comments vmware, vcenter

After a power outage, we powered on our VMware infrastructure, and as we went through the process, we quickly realized that vCenter was not coming back online. vCenter was not reachable via icmp or http/https. Logging into the ESXi console showed the VCSA booting very slowly, but eventually it booted up.  Still no network connectivity. After enabling bash and

VMware Insufficient video RAM

October 19, 2012 0 Comments vmware

Looking through my ESXi event log I saw this message:

"Warning message on server: Insufficient video RAM. The maximum resolution of the virtual machine will be limited to 1672x1254. To use the configured maximum resolution of 2560x1600, increase the amount of video RAM allocated to this virtual machine by setting svgavramSize="16384000" in the virtual machine's configuration file."

This is