Windows Server 2008R2/2012 Time Sync

I published a blog post last year regarding verifying NTP settings on a Windows Server.  Now, I recently needed to go a step farther and force a server to time sync with a DC.  Here are the relevant commands:

To find out what server is the time server on your domain, from the CMD prompt run:

nltest /dsgetdc:your_domain_name /timeserv

To verify the domain time server (displayed in the previous output) is reachable, run:

nltest /server:time_serv_name /query

Finally, to force a time sync on a server, run:

w32tm /resync /computer:your_server_name /rediscover

You can also use the shorter version: w32tm /resync

The "your_server_name" variable is the server/pc you would like to force a time sync.

If you are having time sync issues and you are running servers in a VMware environment, check the ntp status of the VMware host and verify that time is correct.