ShoreTel Voicemail Switch Backup

If you do not do daily backups on your 50V or 90V switches, these steps will allow you to backup and restore voicemails.

  1. On the ShoreTel Director server, go to the C:\inetpub\ftproot folder and edit the security permissions, so that "\Users" have Write permissions
  2. Log into Director web interface, and navigate to Platform Hardware -> Voice Switches -> Primary and click on the VM switch
  3. At the bottom of the page are backup options, enter:
    • IP address of the Director server
    • Folder name (it will create the folder)
    • Username: anonymous
    • Password: password (any password will work here)
  4. The "Daily Backup" box does not have to be checked (unless you want to do daily backups)
  5. SSH into the 50V or 90V switch with username "root" and password "ShoreTel"
  6. Log into the service cli with: svccli
  7. Backup all VM with: backupvm (this will create the folder specified and start copying all VM)
  8. You can also restore the voicemails with the command: restorevm
  9. Once you are done, edit the security permissions of the ftproot back to the original settings if desired

This should be performed when burnflashing a 50V or 90V, as a burnflash wipes the configuration (including IP information) on voicemail switches.