Updating Dell R710 Firmware

Deploying ESXi on some Dell R710 servers we had, so I wanted to update the firmware to latest and greatest.  I came across some issues updating, which is why I'm posting this.

First, I updated the iDRAC, using information from here:


Second, I couldn't download updates using the USC/Lifecycle Controller because of the error "The updates you are trying to apply are not Dell-authorized updates".  I was able to resolve this by updating the USC (Unified Server Configurator).  This can be easily upgraded by downloading the package and uploading it to the iDRAC update utility.  The package can be downloaded here:


After USC is updated, you can access USC by hitting F10 on startup and navigating to Platform Update.  This will allow you to upgrade firmware on all the available devices.  Step-by-step instructions here: