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HP ProCurve Switch Configuration

May 21, 2014 0 Comments hp, procurve

After working with ProCurve switches for a while, I figured I would post my general configuration for others to use as a template.  This configuration will be a simple setup with two VLAN's, please replace IP addreses and VLAN ID's with what fits your environment:


time timezone -480
time daylight-time-rule Continental-US-and-Canada
sntp server priority 1 128.138.140.

HP Switch (ProCruve) QoS Guide

December 20, 2013 0 Comments hp, procurve

Coming from a Cisco QoS background, I wanted to get a good grasp on HP QoS with the ProCurve switches, but there isn't much information out there (besides the Advanced Traffic Management Guide by HP).  This post should should consolidate some of that information, and is based on the the Advanced Traffic Management Guide, various vendor HP interopability guides, and