Solarwinds NPM 10.4 Upgrade

Upgraded our Solarwinds NPM from 10.3 to 10.4 with these steps for a problem-free install:

  1. Create solarwinds database backup on SQL server
  • Login to SQL Management Studio -> Right-click SolarWindsOrion Database -> Tasks -> Backup
  1. Upgrade Solarwinds NPM server
  • Log into Solarwinds NPM server as local administrator
  • Extract 10.4 upgrade and right-click the NPM 10.4 install and select “Run as administrator”
  • Run through the basic prompts and click finish
  • The Configuration wizard will start up showing you your existing SQL server/login info (assuming you are using an external SQL server)
  • Confirm on the final screen that the database will be upgraded and services installed and click finish

I was able to login after this with no problem and start using the new hardware monitoring features for network devices.  If you have any issues, I would first try shutting down all services with Orion Service Manager (under All Programs -> Solarwinds Orion -> Advanced Features) and then starting up all services.