IPv6 Design

I'm very comfortable developing an IPv4 address plan that accounts for summarization and ease of use. There are new design rules for IPv6, which I am posting here (will update this page as I go):

General Rules to Follow:

  • Allocate every site a /48 block
  • Allocate each vlan in the site a /64 (from the above /48)
  • P2P links can either be a /64 or /126 - depends if you want to keep it simple or conserve address space
  • You don't need to use NAT, assign global addresses to endpoints. Use security zones on your firewall for security
  • Address assignment via SLAAC or DHCPv6 - Android only supports SLAAC
    • If you use SLAAC, you must depend on RA for gateway and DNS server assignment
    • I deployed SLAAC which works well so far

As always, these design rules may not apply to your environment, but they should help with your first deployment.